30+ Highest Paying AdSense Niches To Maximize CPC & CTR In 2022

If you are looking for the highest paying AdSense niches, then first off, congrats on starting a blog and getting your AdSense account approved.

Just in case if you are still struggling with getting a fully approved AdSense account, then make sure to check this article: 10+ Powerful Tricks To Get AdSense Approval Fast.

Now, getting back to the topic…

AdSense ads are shown according to the niche of the content. Some niches pay high, while some pay low. So, it’s essential to decide your site or its content’s niche to boost AdSense revenue.

Since you are into blogging, your intentional or unintentional goal is to make some handsome amount of money from your site. Google AdSense is the best way to make some easy money if you know what you are doing.

Targeting a specific niche can significantly boost your AdSense income. So, today I’ll be discussing some high CPC AdSense niches to skyrocket your profits.

Highest Paying AdSense Niches To Maximize CPC

Below are some niches that you should base your content upon to make the most out of your AdSense account:

Downloads Website

Files download sites are becoming a new trend these days. I tried AdSense on my experimental ‘downloads’ site and got excellent results.

It’s not just a coincidence that it happened. Here is the exact explanation for the following:

All the sites in the world can be categorized under any of the two categories:

  1. Consume: these are the sites where visitors come just to read the information provided. Visitors don’t have any intention of clicking anywhere on the site.
  2. Click: these are the sites that encourage the visitors to click somewhere. These sites are usually file downloads sites.

In the second type of sites, i.e., Click, a user’s mindset is to click somewhere instead of just reading the content and leave.

Downloads Website

This increases the CTR (Click Through Rate) exponentially. And increased CTR results in increased RPM (Revenue Per Thousand Impressions).

The perfect blend of high CTR and CPC makes files downloads one of the highest paying AdSense niches.

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Below are some of the types of content that you can distribute through your download site:

  • Desktop apps/software
  • Mobile apps
  • Ebooks
  • Wallpapers
  • Templates
  • Images/Photos
  • Greeting Cards
  • Instructional Papers
  • Guides
  • Maps
  • Graphics/Illustrations
  • Vectors
  • Scripts
  • Diagrams
  • Cheatsheets
  • Music
Note: We are not making visitors click on our ads intentionally. AdSense has an amazing fill rate for ‘click type’ sites that make the ad units blend with the content automatically.
A word of caution: Make sure that the file you are distributing is copyright free or you hold the necessary rights in distributing it.

Health and Fitness

Health has been one of the best niches for AdSense for years now. The good thing about the health niche is that there are tons of demand.

With the growth in population, health and fitness requirements are also rising. Health is a very sensitive niche too. People are there on your site looking for tips or suggestions.

If you are able to help them with your information, then it’s a sure thing that they will return back. AdSense does a great job at showing ads on health-related sites or content.

Health and Fitness

In some developed countries where people are too conscious about their health, you can get a mind-blowing CPC of up to $20 for some keywords like “protein-rich diet for vegetarians,” making it the best AdSense niche.

Note: As I mentioned above, Health or its related sub-niches are highly sensitive. Start a blog about them only if you are sure that you have enough information to help someone. Writing false or groundless information just for the sake of making more money will never make your blog successful in the long run.

Health sites also tend to rank easily if your content is informative. People usually backlink to useful content, so make sure you write is as detailed as possible without making it boring.

Here are some of the top health sub-niches that can provide excellent results too:

  • Beauty
  • Health Food
  • Bath & Body
  • Cosmetics
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Self Help
  • Vision Care
  • Wellness


Insurance goes for the long-term and takes regular investments. So it’s a very huge and profitable business. That’s the reason insurance companies pay good money to Google through AdWords for promoting their business.

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The CPC for some ads in this niche is easily more than $100.

Insurance AdSense Niche

This niche is highly competitive, so every advertiser is ready to pay more than the others.

A single lead can generate a few thousand dollars for an insurance company. That’s why they don’t mind paying $100 – $200 for a single click.

Car Insurance and Truck Insurance are the two most highest paying AdSense ‘Insurance’ niches.

“Car Insurance Quotes” is one of its sub-niches.

“Accident Attorneys,” i.e., “Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney,” is also one of the potential sub-niche to make insane money from AdSense.

“Donate cars to charity” is also a moderately paying keyword in this niche.

Other moderately paying keywords for the sub-niches like credit cards, colleges, online data backup, criminal attorneys, etc. are also good to consider.


The automobile industry is also one of the wealthiest industries on the planet. A single conversion can bring thousands of bucks to the company. Due to that, this industry is highly competitive with moderate conversions.

It’s because nobody prefers to buy their car online. So, most of the time, this conversion would mean just collecting the email or phone contacts of potential buyers.


After that, the sales tend to happen in the showrooms. Some automobiles can cost up to millions of dollars, so finding a potential buyer by paying Google to show ads is a great deal.

That’s the reason automobile companies are ready to pay well for certain keywords, making it the best AdSense niche.

Make Money Online

The Internet is the future, and no doubt it’s making people lazy. A huge number of people these days don’t want to go out and get a real job.

Instead, they are always looking for easy ways to make a living online. The number of these is rising every day.

Make Money Online

With the rise in demand to “make money online,” the keyword itself has become a niche. Search queries for this keyword are increasing exponentially every month.

So, if you know how to make money online from a site or service or anything, then it’s good to create a niche blog for it. People love to read genuine content that really helps.

For this niche, not only AdSense, but other ad networks like Media.net and BuySellAds also pay very well.

Marketing and Advertising

Proper marketing is the main driving force behind any established brand.

Marketing and advertising agencies invest a lot in their own promotion because a single potential lead can help them make up to billions of dollars in profit.

Marketing and Advertising

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If you target proper keywords, then this niche is also a goldmine. This is the reason why it’s one of the highest paying AdSense niches.


The growth of technology is what that’s bringing us towards a brighter future. Technological advancements never stop.

Back in the days when there was no internet, any technological discovery would spread like a rumor across the globe. Now we have internet, and most of our world’s population has access to it.


Technology companies pay a very good amount to Google to promote their creations. Let’s take Apple for instance. Apple pays Google to promote their products like iPhones as soon as they are launched.

This creates overall awareness about the device among the tech community, plus Apple gains more potential buyers when someone clicks their ads on your site.

So, creating a tech site is the easiest job these days. Write regularly about trending topics, and you’ll soon start seeing your AdSense revenue growing up.

Personal Finance

Just like insurance, personal finance is again a goldmine. Personal finance is everyone’s needs. Finance companies look for interested clients everywhere, and the internet is the best source to collect details of all the possible prospects.

Personal Finance

Targeting proper keywords is key here. Competition is again high here with moderate conversions. But the high CPC compensates that. It’s still one of the top-paying AdSense niches.

Blogging Tips & Tricks

A blog is the best way to make money online. With the growing trend of making money online, everyone wants to start a blog of their own.

When we start something new, we look for proper guidance. That’s where blogging tutorial blogs excel. Due to the increasing demand and evergrowing potential, the blogging niche has a very high CTR.

Blogging Tips & Tricks

If you already own a blog and looking for blogging advice, then make sure you check out our exclusive blogging tutorials. Now this niche can include multiple sub-niches.

You can write about blogging itself, how to start a blog, make money from blogging, blogging platforms, blogging reviews, web hosting tutorials and reviews, and blogging coupons, just like our Elegant Themes discount coupon.

Foreign Exchange Trading (Forex)

Forex is becoming one of the highest paying AdSense niches due to its sudden growth in recent years. It’s a market that never sleeps. It’s a never-ending business, and people indulge in it all the time.

For that reason, foreign exchange brokers see a huge potential in this niche. Brokers or exchanges pay a handsome amount of money to Google for their promotion.


The more customers a broker has, the more he/she will make every second. The profit margins for forex brokers are highly impressive, so chasing new customers by means of advertising on Google is totally worth it.

Focusing on forex related keywords on your blog can increase your AdSense income significantly.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you are into blogging for some time now, then you know the importance of SEO for surviving online. SEO is the key to everything when it comes to blogging and making money online.

It can help you drive more sales, gain more subscribers, and spread the word to the entire world. SEO agencies are investing a lot in their promotion and branding these days due to the growing demand for search engine optimization.


A single client or campaign can help them make up to thousands of dollars, so they pay well.

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All you need to do is to focus highly searched keywords related to SEO into your content, and you will experience an increase in your AdSense income, making it the best AdSense niche.

Domain Names and Registration

No matter if you are setting up a business website or a simple blog, the first thing you need is its domain name. A domain name is a unique identity of your website, and its registration is the first step while setting up a website.

Domain registration costs a few dollars, which doesn’t provide any noticeable income to the domain registrars. So the domain registrars make money by promoting other stuff that they offer like web hosting, SSL certificates, domain auction services, etc.

Domain Name Registration

AdSense pushes ads related to all the domain-related services offered by the providers for this niche. So, not only domains, but providers are promoting almost everything they provide.

Due to this, providers invest an impressive amount of money in their promotion. If you can target this niche and its high searched keywords, then it’s a pure goldmine.

Both CTR and CPC are very high for this sector, making it one of the highest paying AdSense niches of all time.

Web Development

A business’s online presence is highly necessary in this era. It gives your business an upper hand in many ways. You can help your customers to find you. You can reach new people, build a stronger brand, and it’s cost-effective marketing.

To keep up with the pace, a business’s online availability gave rise to the web development sector. Because to build your business site or blog, you’ll need a web developer.

Web Development

As a result, web development agencies, freelancers, and small startups are investing a lot in attracting new clients. If your content focuses on keywords related to web development and its sub-niches, then you can make a lot from AdSense.

If you are a web developer, then it’s a brilliant move to start your own blog and write web development tutorials on it to make some extra income.

Law Firms and Attorneys

Finding a reliable attorney or lawyer is one of the craziest tasks around, especially when you need it. Everyone wants to stay safe without indulging in anything that breaks the law. For that purpose, consulting or hiring a lawyer for even the smallest tasks can’t be ignored.

Law Firms and Attorneys

Hiring a lawyer or a firm is one of those things a person can’t avoid if necessary to save expenses. If you need some legal advice or respond to someone’s legal allegations against you or it’s anything related to legal rights and law, then you definitely need to hire someone for the job.

Not only that, but you also need a lawyer even if you are registering a new business, selling your property, and writing a will, etc. This niche is again one of the highest paying AdSense niches because services offered by law firms and attorneys are not cheap.

Information Technology (IT)

IT sector is the fastest-growing sector in this world. Information Technology and Computer Science is the best AdSense niche to start a blog for college graduates and undergraduates in the same major.

Information Technology

IT companies are the richest because they fulfill all types of services that are related to emerging technologies. Due to that, they are always willing to pay a good amount to their advertisers for their promotion.

In this case, the promoter of the AdSense being you can make massive money if focused on proper keywords. You can write about IT news, IT developments, how-to guides, IT product reviews, etc.

Databases and Management

Every company requires its databases to be managed. Also, to serve their clients better, companies look for statistical databases to plan their business strategies accordingly.

Databases and Management

This niche is very vast, and the keywords pay well. Most database management companies would invest thousands of dollars for conversions, as most projects tend to bring in good returns.


There is a reason why entertainment is one of the highest paying AdSense niches. Getting entertained is everybody’s need. No matter if you are a male or female or what your age is, entertainment is highly essential to keep a healthy functioning of your brain.

The entertainment niche is huge due to all the demand. You can target a vast variety of keywords from a long list of sub-niches.


It can include news, gossips, reviews, and updates about any recent or upcoming movie, TV series, or trailer. It also includes video games and web series on platforms like YouTube and Netflix.

The entertainment industry invests billions of dollars, so without proper promotion, everything will go into vain. Keywords of this niche pay excellent, so target them in your content or create a niche site for that.

Travel and Accommodation

Traveling agencies make crazy money. The margin is huge, and targeting potential is infinite. If you are thinking about going to a new place where you have never traveled before, then you may face some problems.

Travel and Accommodation

You’ll have to take care of a lot of things, including accommodation, transportation, meals, etc. A traveling agency takes care of everything for you so that you can peacefully enjoy your trip.

This niche is highly rewarding because every travel agency or trip organizer earns a huge commission from a single client, so it’s always profitable for them to attract more potential clients.

Beauty Tips

Everyone wants to look beautiful. The Internet has the answer to everything, and if you can help people in looking more attractive, then it’s the most profitable niche. Beauty niche has a wide range of colorful ads that can attract most of your site’s visitors.

Beauty product companies invest a lot in their promotion. Their sale is not for one time. If the user buys their product once, then he/she will rebuy it if they are satisfied. Due to that reason, AdSense ads in this niche usually have high CPC.

Beauty Tips

If you know anything about cosmetics, beauty tips, makeup tips, and ways to look good, then start a blog for it. Target highly searched keywords in this niche and see your AdSense income growing. It’s easily one of the highest paying AdSense niches.

Web Hosting

Web hosting servers are so in demand these days. Starting a business website or blog requires a hosting space, and that’s why this niche is trending. There are tons of web hosting companies on the web, so it’s really hard to find loyal customers.

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The conversion rate in this niche is not that good. Usually, every company provides 30-days money-back guarantee. That also causes a huge loss to web hosting providers because people switch from one host to another and exploit this policy.

Web Hosting

The one reason why this niche has high CPC is that of high competition and huge demand. Every client who chooses a hosting plan can provide huge profits depending on contract duration and type of hosting bought.

Breaking News

Have you ever noticed that all the news and media sites use AdSense ads? That’s the primary source of their income. News sites tend to get instant traffic at the time of any new update.

Breaking News

Make sure you cover everything that’s trending related to politics, sports, finance, technology, entertainment, etc. Publish the updates as soon as it’s out and try to post it before any other site.

News sites have a high CTR, so it’s easy to gain some easy clicks and high RPM with this one of the highest paying AdSense niches.

Mortgage and Property Care

Having their own home is everyone’s dream. But that requires a considerable investment. It can take you several years or decades to save all the money needed to buy your own house.

Mortgage and Property Care

Some banks come at the rescue in such conditions. They provide you with funds required to buy the property you need. Banks offer this facility only to those who can return their money, so they never go wrong with selling mortgages.

Mortgages are never cheap. Even the smallest amounts can cross several millions of dollars. A single prospective buyer can provide huge profits to the banks. So, the CPC for this niche is extremely rewarding.


This niche is a little bit techy but has very low competition. If you have any idea about this, then it’s a highly rewarding niche. Monthly searches for the keywords in this niche are rising while the competition is still low.


Advertisers are ready to pay a good amount for most of the keywords in this niche. So, starting a blog to target cryptography is an excellent idea because it’s unexpectedly one of the highest paying AdSense niches.

Car Rental

Car Rental is one of the fastest-growing AdSense niches. People don’t want to stick to the only car, so they go to rental services to rent a car that they can’t afford to buy.

Car Rental

Demand is rising, the conversion rate is high, and competition is low. That’s the perfect sign of a healthy niche to target for AdSense.

Car Rental companies provide good CPC rates because of the impressive profit margin.

Computer Troubleshooting

If you are skilled in computer troubleshooting, then this niche is best for you. Many companies are offering computer troubleshooting services to fix computer-related issues.

Target keywords in this niche will force AdSense to show only the high CPC ads on your site. Write about fixing computer problems. It can be related to both hardware and software.

Computer Troubleshooting

You can also target topics like upgrading computers, peripherals required, software installation and removal services, etc.

Not only the CPC, but the CTR is also perfect in this niche due to interactive graphical ads making it one of the highest paying AdSense niches.

Home and Garden Care

The real estate industry is making its own place on the internet. People actually spend time looking for buying and selling properties. This industry gave rise to other sub-industries that deal with the maintenance and care of your properties.

Home and Garden Care

If you own a villa which is usually vacant for months and don’t have time for its regular care, then home and garden care services are what you are looking for.

It’s becoming a new trend, and advertisers are ready to pay a good amount because a single client can provide them with thousands of dollars in profit.

Smartphone Apps (iOS, Windows, Android)

Smartphones are getting too mainstream these days. The majority of the world’s population has a smartphone. The usage of smartphones automatically increased internet users due to secure availability.

Smartphone Apps

Smartphone apps development companies are making insane money due to this trend. The development of a simple iOS or Android or Windows phone app can easily cost a thousand dollars.

So finding the right customer is the most important task. App development companies look for such profitable clients, and for that, they easily pay a good amount for their own marketing.

Online Courses and Teaching

Online learning and teaching are becoming a new hot trend. With all the schools, colleges, and universities closed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, online education is getting a lot of attention.

Online study materials are readily available on the web. You don’t need to be physically available to attend the classes. It’s online, so you can access it anytime, anywhere.

Online Courses and Teaching

Online learning, training, and teaching programs are doing a lot to attract more audience. AdSense ads for this niche have both high CPC and CTR, making it one of the highest paying AdSense niches.


Farming is a very unusual niche. Like, we don’t usually see people blog about “farming tips and tricks,” right? But here is a fact about this niche. This niche and its sub-niches have more than 1.5 million monthly searches with low competition. Even the CPC for most western countries is $0.20-$30.


If you have any experience in farming or its related stuff, or you hold a degree in agricultural sciences, then it is an excellent tactic to use that knowledge to write on a farming blog.


Flight tickets are not cheap. I rarely see anyone who goes to the airport to book their flight tickets. It’s all online! Airlines and brokers pay a good amount to promote the business and generate more leads.


If you can create a blog to target such keywords that are related to flight booking and all, then it can be highly profitable. Flight booking is again one of the highest paying AdSense niches.

Importance of Keywords in Niche Blogging

Keywords in your content are responsible for the ads that AdSense pushes to your site. But how does this work? AdSense is a contextual advertising network that shows the ads posted by the advertisers through AdWords.

Advertisers bid on the particular long tail or short tail keywords for their ads. AdSense looks for all those keywords on your site. The more keywords match to the advertiser’s bid, the more chances your site has to show ads from that advertiser only.

So, the best way to make the most out of your AdSense ads is by targeting the proper keywords. There are many tools for the same. You can even use Google’s own free keyword planner tool.

Final Words

This was all about the highest paying AdSense niches to maximize your income. A proper niche can help you make tons of money from a simple AdSense account.

AdSense is no rocket science, but there are decidedly fewer people or blogs who make the most out of their ads. Choose the best niche for your site or content, target relevant keywords, and you are ready to make some good money from AdSense.

I hope I was able to explain everything adequately through this article. If you have any doubts or queries, then feel free to ask them in the comments below.

Also, if you have any other niche in mind that you think pays well, then share it in with us and spread the knowledge. Cheers!

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