ShortPixel Coupon Codes: 50% Extra Image Optimizer Credits For Lifetime (Includes ShortPixel AI)

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Use our exclusive ShortPixel deal and get 50% extra credits on your purchase of one-time credits.
Use our exclusive ShortPixel deal and get 50% extra credits on your purchase of one-time credits. Show Less

Our exclusive ShortPixel coupon deal will help you get 50% extra credits for lifetime on all ShortPixel plans.

How to use this ShortPixel coupon code?

This coupon doesn’t require any promo code or discount code or coupon code. Just click the button given below:

Once you click the button, a one-time pricing page will open up with 50% extra credits.

ShortPixel Extra Credits Pricing

You can switch the tab to check the monthly pricing options.

NOTE: This ShortPixel coupon applies to both monthly and one-time plans.

About ShortPixel

ShortPixel was founded in 2014 with an aim to “make the web smaller”. It is one of the must-have WordPress plugins to install when you start a blog.

ShortPixel is based on a SaaS (Software as a Service) model offering image compression through an API that you can access either directly or through various tools that they developed especially for this purpose.

They have a dedicated plugin for WordPress to integrate the API without writing any codes.

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How does ShortPixel work?

ShortPixel’s compression algorithm is probably the best out there. I can’t answer how their compression algo works as that’s their secret sauce and they most definitely won’t share it. But below is the process of how the overall compression actually works:

  • First, ShortPixel pulls the image files you want to optimize to their cloud server
  • Then, their sophisticated algorithm optimizes the images as per the settings your select
  • Their plugin then checks and confirms the optimization
  • Then the plugin replaces the unoptimized images with the optimized ones
  • The original unoptimized images are stored in a backup folder on your server

ShortPixel Features & Benefits – How it is the best out there!

A fast-loading site helps improve the user experience and page speed scores which means search engines will love your site.

ShortPixel uses advanced compression technology that reduces image size without ruining its quality.

I have used a lot of image compression plugins for WordPress in the past, but none of them was as efficient as ShortPixel is.

It is fast, powerful, and comes with tons of useful features to fall in love with this service. Have a look at some of its features below:

Various Compression Levels

ShortPixel offers not one but three different compression levels for your images, i.e., Lossless, Lossy, or Glossy.

You can select the best for you as per your needs. I have compared all the compression levels and which one is best for what purpose below.

Easy Backup & Restore

Before compressing your images, ShortPixel gives you an option to back up the original images that can be restored in one click in case you don’t like the compression level.

Support for Multiple Image Formats

ShortPixel has a wide file format compatibility. It supports all the major image formats, including JPG, PNG, and GIF. Not only that, but it also lets you optimize PDF documents that you upload to your site.

To take things even further, ShortPixel creates WebP copies of your JPG, PNG, and GIF files (for no additional cost) that make your page load times even faster.

Switchable Compression Levels

Unlike other image compression services where you need to restore the original images if you want to change the compression level, ShortPixel provides you peace of mind.

You can easily switch between all the compression levels without restoring the original images.

Same Account, Multiple Sites

You don’t need to create multiple ShortPixel accounts for all your sites. One account provides you with an API key that can be used on as many sites as you want.

You just need to have credits in your account. Then there is no limit on site usage. No worries, our ShortPixel coupon will help you get 50% extra credits.

Adaptive Images

ShortPixel AI can automatically adapt your images to any screen size or resolution. This means your images will look great on any device, whether it’s a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone.

This service comes included with all the ShortPixel plans. You need to check more details on credit usage before starting to use it.

Less Bandwidth Usage

If you use SPAI, it takes most of the bandwidth strain off of your server by using CDN to deliver your images.

Your server only has to focus on delivering content. Image delivery will be handled by ShortPixel’s superfast global CDN.

WebP and AVIF Support

ShortPixel supports the WebP and AVIF image formats, which are both designed to provide better compression and quality than traditional JPEG and PNG formats.

WebP is developed by Google and AVIF is developed by the Alliance for Open Media. They both offer better compression than JPEG and PNG, while still providing high-quality images.

Support for Multiple Platforms using API

ShortPixel can work with any PHP based platform to utilize the power of its API. Their current official API integrations include:

  • WordPress Image Optimization Plugin
  • Adaptive Images WP Plugin
  • ShortPixel Website Optimizer
  • ShortPixel Command Line Tool
  • Reducer API
  • Post-Reducer API
  • PHP Client Library
  • ShortPixel App for Zapier

Helpful Options

ShortPixel provides a number of helpful options that help you save time:

  • Optimization Report: Track the usage of available credits
  • Tell a friend: Refer users to ShortPixel and gain credits
  • Affiliate Stats: Track the sales you have generated by promoting ShortPixel

Apart from that, you can set ShortPixel to automatically optimize your images as soon as you upload them.

Other Useful Features

  • Better SEO
  • Superfast websites
  • Batch image compression
  • ShortPixel CDN
  • Bulk optimization

So, now you must have got the idea of how powerful ShortPixel is. I would highly suggest you start using it right away to make your images load insanely fast.

If you want to serve the optimized images even faster, then check out BunnyCDN. Here’s the BunnyCDN setup tutorial too.

ShortPixel Price Plans

ShortPixel has three pricing plans:

  • Free Plan
  • Monthly Plans
  • One-time Plan
  • Dedicated Servers

ShortPixel Free Plan

As a free user, you get 100 credits per month for image compression.

ShortPixel Monthly Plans

Below are the ShortPixel monthly plans before and after applying our ShortPixel coupon.

Before ShortPixel DealAfter ShortPixel Deal
ShortPixel Monthly PricingShortPixel Monthly Deal Pricing

ShortPixel One-Time Plans

Below are the ShortPixel one-time plans before and after applying our ShortPixel coupon.

Before ShortPixel DealAfter ShortPixel Deal
ShortPixel One-Time PricingShortPixel Extra Credits Pricing

ShortPixel Dedicated Servers

ShortPixel also offers fully managed dedicated servers for huge projects and compression demands.

ShortPixel Dedicated Pricing

ShortPixel Lossy vs. Glossy vs. Lossless

A lot of new users get confused here. ShortPixel offers three compression levels, i.e., lossy, glossy, and lossless.

Now which one to choose?

ShortPixel Lossy Compression

This compression level brings the image’s file size to the possible minimum. You may see some loss in the image quality, but this compression level compresses your images to their smallest sizes.

Maximum Compression | Recommended for sites with tons of images.

ShortPixel Glossy Compression

Glossy compression brings the best balance between image quality and image size. You won’t notice any difference in the image quality, even though the file size will shrink.

Moderate Compression | Recommended for blogs and magazines

PS: I use the Glossy compression level of ShortPixel with WebP support on this site.

ShortPixel Lossless Compression

Lossless compression doesn’t change the image quality even one bit. It compresses the images by keeping the image quality identical to the original one.

Least Compression | Recommended for photography sites

ShortPixel Reviews

There is nothing better than reviews to help you make an informed decision.

ShortPixel is no exception. You can check their reviews on and see what others think about the product.

It was rated 4.5/5 when we last checked.

ShortPixelWith so many image optimization plugins and services available in the market, ShortPixel always comes at the top. Highly recommended!OnlineOnly9.99USD694.84.85


  • Ease of Use
  • Speed Boost
  • Pricing


With so many image optimization plugins and services available in the market, ShortPixel always comes at the top. Highly recommended!

ShortPixel FAQs

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